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    A man must face the world with sprezzatura. It literally means detachment, but a better way to think of it is quiet confidence and low-key style. Sprezzatura means striving to do the hardest of things in an easy way.

    Sprezzatura listing image

    Interview with Luciano Barbera

    “The philosophy of my collection is very simple: every man is unique.” – Luciano Barbera With this quote as a sweeping finish, so ends the cinematic look into the lifestyle and purpose of Luciano Ba...

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    Crafted blues | how would you style our denim on display in our new TsUM Shop-in-Shop experience?
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    Sprezzatura in watercolor | we worked with @sunflowerman to tell our new Fall/Winter 2017 story. ⠀
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    Luciano Barbera creates clothing that men can feel unique, luxurious, and comfortable in; our new TsUM Shop-in-Shop endeavors to match that experience in a physical space. ⠀
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    It was an incredible week in Florence at #Pitti91. Thank you to all who stopped by to explore our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection.
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    Details, details, details. Explore the nuanced sophistication of our new collection at #Pitti91 now. ⠀
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    Back to Florence and #Pitti91. Visit Piano Attico D/9, Padiglione Centrale to discover our new collection of understated elegance.
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    Visit our new booth as we debut our Fall/Wanter 2017 Pre and Main collections at Pitti Uomo this week. #PU91
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    “Each New Year brings with it a unique opportunity to show the world our best side.” -Luciano Barbera
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    From Biella, Italy, wishing you and yours a magnificent holiday season. ⠀
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    A moment of cool-weather style, discovered in our archives. ⠀
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    Luxurious Made in Italy gifts, matched with a complementary Liberty United bracelet. Order from our holiday shop by Wednesday to ensure delivery for the 25th. ⠀
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    “Do not give too much thought to things. Do things as they come naturally. Sprezzatura.” -Luciano Barbara⠀
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    From ties to outerwear, find festive gifts using the link in bio. Plus, receive a complimentary @libertyutd bracelet with any order and join us in protecting kids from gun violence. ⠀
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    Handsome jewel tones and impeccable detail at our TsUM, Moscow Shop-in-Shop experience. ⠀
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    Watching understated elegance come to life with the supremely talented @sunflowerman.
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    Enjoy sophisticated moments of quiet amid the holiday rush.⠀
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    Grey - a sophisticated neutral of modern dressing - paired with Luciano Barbera Heritage Burgundy. #FW16⠀
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    Join us in supporting @libertyutd and protecting kids from gun violence. This holiday season, we’ll include a “Be the Change” bracelet with any order on Shop now using the link in bio. ⠀
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    @Sunflowerman visited Luciano at his home in Biella, Italy. Stay tuned for more colorful moments of one of our favorite artists at work.⠀