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    Every confident stride is a part of gentleman’s story. Such assurance is rooted in the art of quiet, unstudied elegance and curation. Here, we present those stories, a glimpse into living beautifully.

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    White and sand | heading to the sea for Luciano Barbera #SS18⠀
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    Inspiration via Italy.
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    Crashing tones of blue and white | heading to the sea for Luciano Barbera #SS18
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    Views of blue. Ready for an evening in our Beige Hopsack Sportcoat.⠀
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    Views of blue. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    Color | Go behind the scenes of our Spring 2018 collection through our Stories Blog.⠀
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    Lightweight, unlined, comfortable, packable. Our Beige Hopsack Sportcoat is the elegant layer that warm-weather travel requires.⠀⠀
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    Where the cliff crashes into the Ligurian sea. Exploring the coasts for #SS18.⠀
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    En route | Luciano Barbera #SS18
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    On the coast where the greenery is wild.⠀
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    New to the suede tassel sneaker. Crafted for explorations or everyday elegance.⠀⠀
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    Exploring new ways of seeing in northwestern Italy.⠀
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    The Beige Windowpane Sportcoat. Now on
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    Harmony in color. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    Inspiration from the Italian cliffsides. #SS18
    Pose liguria

    On the Coast of Liguria, Italy

    Luciano Barbera presents a new menswear Spring/Summer 2018 collection, inspired by the colors of the Italian coasts. Offering a feeling of relaxed elegance, the new presentation blends Mediterranean co...

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    Elusive alleyways in Liguria, Italy.⠀
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    Details within The Luciano Barbera Club, our new store in Carmel, CA.⠀
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    Announcing our first store in North America, The Luciano Barbera Club in Carmel, CA.⠀
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    Presenting our Spring 2018 collection, caught in motion on the coast of northwestern Italy.⠀
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    The Beige Hopsack Sportcoat. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀ ⠀
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    Towards a fresh new season.⠀ Luciano Barbera #SS18⠀
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    New to The Linen Slip On Sneaker.⠀
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    Soft contrast in Liguria, Italy.⠀
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    New arrivals are here.⠀ ⠀ Find fresh spring additions to your Made in Italy wardrobe on⠀⠀
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    Inspiration for a new season. Warmth, light, and Italian luxury. #SS18⠀
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    An early morning alongside the cliffs in northwestern Italy. ⠀ ⠀ Visit now to explore our brand new #SS18 collection.
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    Our new bomber for warm-weather, Entirely Made in Italy. Coming soon to⠀
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    Sunrise on the Italian cliffs. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    Coming soon to, a new season of understated elegance.
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    Welcome to Spring/Summer 2018. Inspired by Il Pellicano Hotel and Costa Azzurra, the collection offers a feeling of unique and relaxed elegance.⠀
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    Inspired by Il Pellicano Hotel, our new collection creates a lifestyle around wearable color and harmony. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    Diving in to a new season. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    Inspiration for a new season. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    An escape on the horizon. Luciano Barbera #SS18
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    Inspiration for a new season. Luciano Barbera #SS18 ⠀
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    Elevated sartorial suiting, artistic portrayal. Luciano Barbera captured by the brush of @sunflowerman.⠀

    A Weekend in Northwestern Italy

    With some of the highest peaks in Europe, towns in northwestern Italy are hidden moments, tucked in and away. Tiny escapes meet grand vistas and a pervading rustic, elusive sentiment endures. A region ...

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    A moment of quiet in Italy.⠀
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    Italian allure. Fall/Winter 2017 on-the-go amongst the Italian mountains.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #Menswear #Sprezzatura #Italianstyle #Menstyle
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    Brilliance above. Finding style in every detail of our #FW17 photoshoot location.
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    Tactile and luxurious, a core belief in quality materials elevates Luciano Barbera. Interpretation and use of fabric is how we constantly evolve and innovate.⠀
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    A masterful mix of cashmere and herringbone. Find styled layers for your fall wardrobe through our link in bio. ⠀
    22352361 1699176576819567 4193994869728870400 n
    Introducing a new moment within the #LBTerrace for drinks, shopping events, and style consultations. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Book your private appointment now using the link in bio.
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    “Inspiration is an awakening, a quickening of all man’s faculties, and it is manifested in all high artistic achievements.” -Giacomo Puccini⠀
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    Tonal elegance. Luciano Barbera #FW17.⠀ ⠀ #Style #Menswear #Madeinitaly⠀
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    Masterful knits for a new sartorial season.⠀ Find your new favorite sweater through our link in bio.⠀
    22069273 1667606113272715 3212747369766453248 n
    Layered elegance, cool-weather Italian style. Upgrade your new season at⠀

    Fall/Winter 2017: Collection Inspirations


    Lbterrace page

    Introducing the Luciano Barbera Bar

    Luciano Barbera presents a new VIP retail space within its New York City showroom, located on Fifth Avenue at 48th Street. ...

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    Luciano Barbera color. #SS17 ⠀
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    Win a Luciano Barbera summer polo and scarf with a @sunflowerman painting from #PittiUomo92! To enter, simply submit your e-mail using our link in profile by tonight, 6/25 at 11:59PM ET. A winner will be randomly selected on Monday, 6/26.
    19227860 1430080773752280 5945631723021664256 n
    Win a Luciano Barbera summer polo and scarf with a @sunflowerman painting! ⠀ ⠀ To enter, simply enter your e-mail using our link in profile by Sunday 6/25 at 11:59PM ET. A winner will be randomly selected on Monday, 6/26.
    19227390 847071225432150 5997582393303629824 n
    Wishing you a summer of elegant escapes.⠀
    19367262 1446042712369817 7295017491447676928 n
    Summer escape. Luciano Barbera in Cernobbio, Italy. Captured by @10leaves.
    19367182 492720507733377 3848876423380992000 n
    Wishing all fathers a day of leisure. Happy Father’s Day, from the team at Luciano Barbera.⠀
    18950069 1735753523389152 5694423711558402048 n
    Suede detailing - a touch of luxury that differentiates Luciano Barbera outerwear.⠀
    18889052 842105762606657 6954037898924523520 n
    A peek at our new collection, which debuts at Pitti Uomo in Florence next week.⠀
    18809310 1983461991883073 3120309030627573760 n
    A touch of easy summer elegance. #SS17 ⠀
    18645158 547104422344246 4456183669458993152 n
    Elegant nonchalance. #SS17 ⠀ ⠀
    18646345 1672347749455824 7626097691159691264 n
    Mastering texture through lightweight linen and sumptuous suede. ⠀
    Hopsack 3

    Styling The Navy Hopsack Jacket : A Wardrobe Champion

    A benchmark of good taste, there may not be a more versatile gentlemen’s garment than the navy jacket. A workhorse, an undisputed essential, this elegant choice deserves a prime spot in any well-curate...

    Look 10 social 22

    Authority on Elegance : Packing Essentials

    As the authority on understated elegance, we are pleased to present a series of styling suggestions for your sartorial consideration. Please expect a mix of education, humor, inspiration, and intervie...

    18512776 300576507044548 1596251748341645312 n
    Wishing all mothers a beautiful, inspired day.⠀
    18443405 1326096444139702 8996828515038920704 n
    An airy linen over shirt that lends endless new dressing options to your warm-weather wardrobe.⠀
    18300021 1695423427428672 3596961816783093760 n
    Elegant evenings in Cernobbio, Italy.⠀
    18444875 1890783017863707 2454100280929681408 n
    Mid-week polish, effortless stride.⠀
    17932435 433860536967607 4952849920882114560 n
    Subtle detailing. Take a closer look at our Preferita jacket for spring, now on⠀
    17882601 1137673366379113 8426251369714810880 n
    From initial design to final stitch, our craftsmanship and dedication to detail are Entirely Made in Italy.⠀ ⠀
    Week 5 post copy

    WWD Writes "The Barbera Playbook"

    In the final print edition of Women's Wear Daily (WWD) Jean Palmieri described the new Luciano Barbera. "...Over the past 2 1/2 years, Tengram [Capital Partners] has built teams in New York and Mil...

    17587232 901189183316963 1086894409724723200 n
    Classics, elevated - with a touch of the unexpected. #SS17 ⠀
    17437499 1835151840081216 5369625197869531136 n
    The authority on understated elegance. Luciano Barbera Spring/Summer 2017, filmed by @proproomstudio in Cernobbio, Italy.
    17493535 1750302958632515 153588382692278272 n
    Pack your bags for: Cernobbio Italy. Learn all about the dreamlike location of our Spring/Summer photoshoot on the Sprezzatura blog now.⠀
    17333212 394788267545398 2152719213133824 n
    Subtle texture, elegant herringbone. A timeless cardigan for the spring days ahead of us.⠀

    Travel to Cernobbio

    Nestled in the hills near Lake Como sits Cernobbio, a town at once idyllic and dreamlike. It is a moment of pure Italy – color infusion, romance, sparkling waters, and delectable food – poised on a ste...

    17265337 425026244501933 6699466477096927232 n
    Welcoming Spring with the hues of our Biella, Italy home.⠀
    17076939 403564850003466 9031558531127443456 n
    In transition and on the go. #SS17
    16908502 1435787210053332 8309401196674678784 n
    Shot in Cernobbio, Italy our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection offers beautiful pattern play, sophisticated layering, and elegant color. Soon we begin to tell our story in a new way, through a diverse experience.⠀
    Sprezzatura listing image

    Interview with Luciano Barbera

    “The philosophy of my collection is very simple: every man is unique.” – Luciano Barbera With this quote as a sweeping finish, so ends the cinematic look into the lifestyle and purpose of Luciano Ba...

    16122641 1810650469190211 5772275667450200064 n
    Crafted blues | how would you style our denim on display in our new TsUM Shop-in-Shop experience?
    16110337 570824726448083 1513966003220905984 n
    Sprezzatura in watercolor | we worked with @sunflowerman to tell our new Fall/Winter 2017 story. ⠀
    15876284 356156991415594 6360493793942175744 n
    Luciano Barbera creates clothing that men can feel unique, luxurious, and comfortable in; our new TsUM Shop-in-Shop endeavors to match that experience in a physical space. ⠀
    15875859 394800010867620 1200455823227092992 n
    Details, details, details. Explore the nuanced sophistication of our new collection at #Pitti91 now. ⠀
    15802508 323073534754264 7462889629696393216 n
    Back to Florence and #Pitti91. Visit Piano Attico D/9, Padiglione Centrale to discover our new collection of understated elegance.
    15803685 837409766398879 3512058465189101568 n
    Visit our new booth as we debut our Fall/Wanter 2017 Pre and Main collections at Pitti Uomo this week. #PU91
    15535001 224611264656655 7560192470269558784 n
    From Biella, Italy, wishing you and yours a magnificent holiday season. ⠀
    15538297 350629001967321 109515013143658496 n
    “Do not give too much thought to things. Do things as they come naturally. Sprezzatura.” -Luciano Barbara⠀
    15534704 1403415253011165 8462381180069609472 n
    From ties to outerwear, find festive gifts using the link in bio. Plus, receive a complimentary @libertyutd bracelet with any order and join us in protecting kids from gun violence. ⠀
    15306793 1712137805781755 2640317525874704384 n
    Handsome jewel tones and impeccable detail at our TsUM, Moscow Shop-in-Shop experience. ⠀
    15337323 235585510210296 8521629347679830016 n
    Enjoy sophisticated moments of quiet amid the holiday rush.⠀
    15276631 1285548588133051 7106523239525908480 n
    @Sunflowerman visited Luciano at his home in Biella, Italy. Stay tuned for more colorful moments of one of our favorite artists at work.⠀