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    Introducing the Luciano Barbera Bar

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    Luciano Barbera presents a new VIP retail space within its New York City showroom, located on Fifth Avenue at 48th Street.

    Bar 2

    Branded as the Luciano Barbera Bar, the upscale corner provides an intimate experience with the brand. The new bar is adjacent to the Luciano Barbera Terrace, which provides incredible views over Fifth Avenue. The Luciano Barbera Terrace is already an impressive outdoor area where the brand holds special, curated events. The addition of the Luciano Barbera Bar represents the next step in VIP experiences.

    The Luciano Barbera Bar will be available for tailoring, fittings, and personal style appointments by reservation. With a modern mindset, the bar promotes an omni-channel experience; customers will be able to shop certain items in the retail corner and check out via the Luciano Barbera website. The bar will also be used to further the experiences of top wholesale clients. Collaboratively, should wholesale partners wish to create personalized moments for their customers, the new bar offers a unique place for them to do so.

    With sumptuous grey fabrics, aged wood, glass elements, and brass finishings, the bar creates a warm, inviting space. Luciano Barbera creates clothing that men can feel at once unique, luxurious, and comfortable in; the new brand bar endeavors to match that experience in a physical moment.

    “Luciano Barbera stands for Entirely Made in Italy, great quality, and the highest level of customer service,” remarked Luciano Barbera CEO, Todd Barrato. “With this addition to our New York City showroom we seek to create unique, elevated experiences that impart all that Luciano Barbera offers.”

    Should you wish to book a Luciano Barbera Bar appointment, please e-mail