1970 - An iconic look

1970 - An iconic look

It all began in the mid1960’s with what is now an iconic image, shot by photographer Ugo Mulas and later published in L’Uomo Vogue – Luciano Barbera in a Saxony windowpane suit. 

Inspired by this photograph, esteemed retailer Murray Pearlstein of Louis Boston traveled to Biella, Italy, in the late 1960’s, seeking the welldressed man he had seen. Upon meeting, he convinced Luciano to create his own collection, derived from the casual ease and elegance of his own clothing. In 1970, the first Luciano Barbera collection was born, and soon after became known for its quality fabrics, iconic color combinations and thoughtful construction.

At a time when most brands in Italy only produced single categories of items, Luciano created something entirely new a full lifestyle collection.

The first collection, and each thereafter, was representative of what Luciano would wear himself, without imposing rules on the buyer. Those that wear Luciano Barbera have always been encouraged to mix jackets, trousers, shirts, and accessories in the way they prefer.

The brand has always striven to maintain the integrity and the personality of the people buying the collection. Luciano Barbera was and continues to be, clothing for people who believe in individuality and intelligence.

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