Every Luciano Barbera garment is entirely manufactured in Italy.
We believe that our customers have a right to know exactly where their purchases come from. The entirely manufactured in Italy notation on the label of each of our garments serves as our guarantee, that an item was truly made in Italy – from fabric to final finishing.



We view manufacturing in Italy as an art form, the result of unique and invaluable knowledge passed down for generations, resulting in the highest quality garments. Each Luciano Barbera item honors this centennial know-how and exemplifies the longstanding tradition of Italian fabrication. A garment must be made with the right materials for it. Price is secondary. Artistry is paramount in tailoring (construction) and all Luciano Barbera garments are made to last a lifetime, developing personal character and preserving the memories of a life beautifully (well) lived.
In our movement towards sustainability, we are committed to offering the finest natural fabrics utilizing noble fibers. There is richness and comfort in nature and fabrics crafted from natural materials have a welcoming (inviting) texture and a unique richness of color.
The natural fibers in our garments are from the best mills in Italy, many of which we have sourced from across generations. Sustainability is also the preservation of local industries and traditions: from herding to knitting and from tailoring to finishing.

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